INCOLD, a leader in the refrigeration field, is pleased to propose a new  range of UNIBLOCKS called “ TP “ able to suit the most varied  requirements from the international market . Thanks to their manufacture  procedure and siting in the room , these units are to be considered as an  improvement of COMMERCIAL production , which has already gained us  the praise of a vast clientele all over the world. Notably compactness is  one of the main features of “ TP “ units , which are sited in the left-hand  corner of the room and quite fully built-in, thus allowing full use to all the  inside and outside volume of the room .  “ TP “ units are manufactured in models subdivided, according with room  temperature required , into:  

  • “M” Medium temperature +10°C to -5°C R404A

  • “B” Low temperature   -15°C to -25°C  R404A  

“ TP “ units are manufactured according to production standards, using  top quality materials. Hot gas defrost is used in medium and low  temperature models. All models incorporate a condensate evaporation  system within the unit, avoiding the inconvenience of permanent external  escape pipes. All units are provided with an advanced electronic control  panel able to carry out 38 functions, all preset at factory.