Rapid roll up door suitable for positive temperature between 0° and 35 ° C. It is self-repairing, in case the sheet comes out from the guides it will return inside the guides on the  next opening. The door is CE certified according to EN 13241-1. It is Silent: The sheet flows into guides provided with a brush system. The safety against crushing is ensured by an optical safety barrier with Sender/receiver technology. Sheet: PVC coated fabric 930 gr / m2. transparent windows in Cristal. The motorgear is provided with encoder, safety catch device, and crank to open the door manually. Opening speed 1.3 m/s closing speed 0,8 m/s. Frame: folded steel sheet and epoxy white painted RAL 9010. The electrical control box is IP65 in ABS case resistant to corrosion, complete with inverter, touch screen display, exclusive Incold software, emergency button and main switch and pre-wired connector. Power supply220V 50 Hz. Accessories: 2 black buttons Ø80 mm for supplementary opening.

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