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About us

Arneg Nordic is an international leader in the design, production and installation of commercial refrigeration equipment for the retail sector.


Customisation is what sets us apart.

Every customer is different.

Arneg Nordic’s offer satisfies every unique requirement and we make sure that the customers' needs are fulfilled.

Our vast catalogue is the result of thorough analysis of the characteristics that products need, developed with the customer in focus.

Arneg’s generous catalogue is famous for its flexibility, cutting edge technology and innovative spirit. We are only limited by our fantasy and our range is constantly evolving in tandem with the latest market trends to show our commitment to finding the best possible solution for every customer's unique needs. 

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Arneg Nordic - Designed in Italy, made in Sweden

Italian authenticity combined with Swedish craftsmanship.

The historical trails of Arneg and Wica Cold have created a strong identity established through many hard working generations. Italian and Swedish tradition embraces innovation, creative talents and craftsmanship, with a natural instinct to survive the present while improving the future. The best of both worlds.

Arneg Nordic is Italian culture and character in synergy with Swedish tradition and performance, a sustainable recipe for success.


New products are developed daily here at Arneg.
Thanks to great flexibility and team spirit, we can move from prototype to finished product in very little time.

Our responsiveness can be seen from a continuously changing factory layout as we adapt to the needs of customers while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Rather than relying on established procedures, we go further and redesign production in highly innovative ways.

Craftsmanship remains key to Arneg production.

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We value the culture of all countries while maintaining our own unique style.


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