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Energy efficiency

Our products can help you save energy and increase the efficiency of your store.



Did you know what renewing your facility and cabinets can save as much as 30% on your refrigeration energy consumption?

New Arneg Nordic refrigerated cabinets can lead to significant energy savings, helping you save money while reducing your negative environmental impact.

One of the key benefits of upgrading your commercial refrigeration cabinets with Arneg Nordic is the improvement in energy efficiency. New models are designed to use less energy while still maintaining optimal temperatures. With advanced technologies such as LED lighting, energy-efficient technology, and improved transparent isolated doors, Arneg Nordic cabinets can reduce your energy consumption drastically.

Arneg Nordic is constantly working with research and development with the aim of improving our products efficiency and minimising environmental impact. Arneg Air System is an example of our successful R&D, a closed cabinet utilising airflow to enable positive evaporator temperature, thus removing the need for defrosting. Read more about Arneg Air System below.

Finally, renewing your commercial refrigerated cabinets in your store can improve the overall aesthetic and feeling. With elegant, modern, and minimalistic design, Arneg Nordic cabinets can change the shopping experience in your store.

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