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Local vicinity across the Nordics & Baltics

Talents that convert your ideas to reality.

Italian design - made in Sweden. In the south of Sweden, Arneg Nordic produces units requested on the Nordic and Baltic market from the Arneg World product catalogue.

Local vicinity and regional expertise allows us to fulfil all of our customers' needs without compromises.

Wica Cold


Wica Cold forms the heart of Arneg Nordic and has since 1957 been producing units in the south of Sweden. We remain at the original production site and now boast a top modern production plant, logistics systems and brand new innovation centre för research and development. 

More than 80% of all products sold and delivered under the Arneg Nordic brand is producerade by Wica Cold in Sweden. Wica Cold became a part of the Arneg Group in 2005. 

Wica Cold, or simply Wica, is a well known brand and is associated with high quality, excellent service, local expertise and unmatched flexibility.


Frigadon - modern knowledge since 1977.

Frigadon is a modern knowledge-based company engaged in the development, design and manufacture of refrigeration and heat pump units in Sweden for use in industrial, property and retail applications throughout the world. 

Frigadon became a part of Arneg Nordic in 2015 and are located in Halmstad, in the south-west part of Sweden. 

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Plug-in Norge

PIN 360x256px
PIN 662x485px

Plug-in Norge has been a part of Arneg Nordic since 2018. They are a leading company and specialist on plug-in refrigeration units for the commercial retail market in Norway. 

Plug-in Norge, or ‘PIN’, provides customised solutions and unique designs that harmonise with the concept of each individual store. 

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Kelvin AS is a Norwegian engineering company focused on climate and energy optimisation for retail stores. Kelvin delivers turn key refrigeration systems for retail and industry, as well as CO2 based air-conditioning and heat pump units to an array of businesses. 

By being a part of Arneg Nordic since 2019, Kelvin has access to the markets leagest product catalogue of modern remote refrigeration units to complete its energy proposition. 

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SuperKol 662x485px
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Superkøl A/S was founded in Denmark in 1980 and has since 2015 been a part of the Arneg Nordic group. 

Superkøl acts on the Danish market and is one of the country’s largest turnkey contractors within refrigeration for retail and industry. By focusing on CO2 and natural refrigerants, Superkøl and Arneg Nordic have positioned themselves as companies ready for the future. 

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Viima is a Finnish company specialised in cold rooms and retail refrigeration cabinets. Viima is a leading turnkey provider on the Finnish market and has been a part of Arneg Nordic since 2017.

Thanks to great expertise and an extensive network, Viima is active in all of Finland as well as the Baltics. 

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