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60 years of Arneg

Sixty years have passed since 1963, when our company, Arneg, was first formed.

Driven by the intuition, courage and passion of our two founders, Roberto Marzaro and Luigi Finco, our company has developed from the local production of racking and furnishings (ARredo in Italian) for food stores (NEGozi), first adding an offering of refrigerated cabinets and later entering the commercial refrigeration sector.

Thanks to firm principles and moral values, since then Arneg has grown into a leading international group capable of developing and delivering equipment and services to the entire retail world.

Since this amazing journey began, we have encountered many challenges, achieved many objectives and overcome a few difficulties. But Arneg has always maintained an ability to see over the horizon and to understand that “Nothing is fixed and unchanging. Everything can be done differently, improved, re-invented”, to quote from our company vision.

Over the years, Arneg has evolved in many stages. From the introduction in 1963 of the first Karachi, the cabinet that began a long story for our company, to the change from manual production to the first forms of mechanisation and later to the specialist departments we have today. Then came the inauguration of our first production plants outside Italy, beginning the process of internationalising Italian design and leading to the formation of “The Arneg Group”. Well worth remembering is the revolution in production that began in the late 1990s with the arrival of the first supermarkets. This heralded a switch from small cabinets for local corner shops to the production of complete furnishing solutions for large mass retail stores.

At Arneg, we have always prioritised research ever since our first R&D centre opened in 1992. This same department has evolved into today's Technology Hub, the creative heart of our company. This advanced research centre now boasts 7 test rooms11 data acquisition stations and 35% more test capacity to satisfy the latest regulations and respond to special requests from customers.

In parallel, our desire to support our customers more closely has driven our development of customised assistance and consulting services covering every phase of the process: from design to development, product testing and the latest, most evolved after-sales services offered by Arneg Service.

Finally, out latest – and perhaps most welcome achievement: a BILLION euros of consolidated turnover in 2022 for the Arneg Group as a whole. This great achievement has written another important page in the history of our company.

It demonstrates the ability of Arneg people – men and women – to put their daily passion into a shared project: the application of courage, ethics, common sense and respect for people and planet to the continuous improvement of the quality of life.

Our mission today is to continue with renewed enthusiasm down this path forged by bright ideas and extraordinary group spirit, together with our customers, collaborators and suppliers. Our achievements over the years can only strengthen our determination to build a better future together… for another sixty exciting years of success.

Happy Birthday to Arneg, Happy Birthday to us!